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Over the years gaming has become an utterly gargantuan industry and culture. As more people are exposed to and become interested in games – be it through consoles, PCs, smartphones, tablets, streaming or anything else – the more opinions will vary on what they should and could be. The days when games were mostly played by a specific demographic with similar interests and views are long gone, and the general consensus of what makes for a good or a bad game has become blurred. 

A matter of taste.

Gaming is old enough now to have serious players and dedicated fans who have never even touched some of the established ‘’classics’’ of the medium. Gamers who never experienced first-hand the feeling of “controlling their TV” in Pong, the impact various Mario and Zelda titles have had over the years, the transition from 2D to 3D, or even the memory of a gaming platform without an internet connection.

This doesn’t make them any less entitled to inform an opinion of what they like or dislike than those who did. It merely gives them an entirely different angle from which to view the industry. Indeed, many other factors besides a person’s age have a huge impact on how people view and experience games. Games themselves of course have become so varied and diverse that every player can now have a style or a genre of which to call their own.

The main aim of jeffsayhi is to create and maintain a friendly environment to celebrate the things we love with those who care enough to share them. To try and bring together as many different opinions as possible, and to promote constructive, well-informed, good-natured debate and passionate discussion.

To highlight and celebrate everything that is good about the world of gaming.

I obviously have my own views and opinions, and I will strive to publish as many of these as possible. Hopefully you will find them interesting and informative, even if you don’t necessarily agree with them. 

The best thing about opinions of course, is that everybody has their own.

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