How to Create a Private Facebook Account

Want an Oculus Quest 2? Don’t like Facebook? Here’s a quick guide to setting up a (mostly) private account.

The Oculus Quest 2, like the Oculus Quest before it, is brilliant. A PC-free, cable-free and very fairly priced standalone Virtual Reality headset that truly brings VR to the mainstream. The original headset was the result of many years of research and development from Oculus and earned a lot of goodwill from customers and press alike (for a bit of backstory and a nice rundown of how the original headset came to be, refer to our review of the original Oculus Quest).

Of course, since Oculus is now owned by Facebook, many were concerned that it was only a matter of time before they tinkered with the friendliest headset on the market and brought across some of its more nefarious tendencies. And with predictable inevitability, the release of the Oculus Quest 2 sees the introduction of a mandatory Facebook account. That’s right, you need a Facebook account to use the new headset, and even those with an existing Oculus account are forced to merge the two together (those with an existing Oculus account happy to keep their Quest 1 have a couple of years grace before they too will be forced to merge).

This news is understandably a deal-breaker for some. But for those willing to sign up in order to buy into the Oculus Quest 2 vision, here is a short guide to setting up a private Facebook account.

Firstly, a word of warning; although it is absolutely possible to create an anonymous ‘dummy’ account, Facebook have a strict policy against this, and are well within their rights to deactivate any account they feel is guilty of providing false information.

Step one: Visit Facebook and create a new account, of course.

This involves little more than confirming your name, email, password, date of birth and the fact that you’re not a robot. Pretty standard.

A screenshot showing Facebook's main signup page.

Step two: Disable everything!

Once you’re in, click on the little down arrow at the top right of the screen, click Settings, and then click Privacy on the left hand side.

A screenshot showing Facebook's main privacy and setup page.

If you select ‘Check a few important settings’ at this point, the settings are sorted into four categories and you get a rather nice little rundown of what each setting does, rather than just a checklist.

A screenshot showing Facebook's colourful Privacy Checkup page which groups the various options into four categories.

Work your way through these four sections changing each setting to ‘Only me’. Note that some settings can only be set to ‘Friends’, but this isn’t much of an issue since nobody will be able to find you in order to send a friend request anyway.

Step three: More disabling!

Head back into the main Settings page and work your way down the menu on the left hand side, again changing everything to the most private setting available (be that ‘only me’, ‘friends’ or ‘friends of friends’), ensuring to pick up the Ads tab near the bottom too.

And that’s about it!

Step four: Link to your Oculus Account.

If you don’t already have an Oculus account, then this bit is easy; just log in to the Oculus app on iOS or Android using your Facebook details!

If you do already have an Oculus account, this bit is also easy! Just open the Oculus app on iOS or Android, open the Settings menu and select ‘Log in with Facebook’ to merge your accounts.

Finally, check the Privacy Settings in the Oculus app, and set your preferences here too. Note that the Oculus privacy settings are different to your Facebook sharing settings, so you can share your Oculus username, friends list and activities completely independently of your Facebook account if you so wish.

And there you have it. A private-as-you-can-get-it, genuine Facebook account to use with your shiny new Oculus Quest 2. If the Facebook requirement doesn’t deter you, the Oculus Quest 2 is truly a fantastic bit of hardware and comes very highly recommended.

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